A Dino rental kart is a strong kart with well thought out features and thoroughly tested. The kart is continuously optimated with focus on keeping the racing experience from a genuine racing kart. The weight has therefore been optimized, just as the wheel base and the wheel gauge and steering geometry has been taken from the racing tracks.   

A Dino rental kart is therefore not experienced as a tuned bumper car, but as a tamed racer.

You walk from the track with a wide smile on your face and with a good experience having tested your limits. Dino has not been compromising on safety, however, it has been done in a way, which does not affect the enjoyment of driving.

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The DINO karts are produced at our factory in Denmark. Watch video from the production here

The kart is strengthened on the points, which are being strained by renting

  • Light and strong safety belt, flexible mounted on the frame.
  • Reliable 4-stroke engine with centrifugal clutch.
  • Choose between chain and belt.
  • Cable running and fuel delivery is protected.
  • The motor, transmission, exhaust , brake system and rear axle have been efficiently covered, so that any risk by contact with heat and rotating parts has been eliminated. 
  • The seats have been produced in strong plast, which does not crack. The seats have been mounted in a strong frame, supporting the seats optimally.


The kart is designed with an eye for optimum accessibility for service and maintenance

  • The kart can be delivered with up to 18,5 litre fuel capacity for maximum time between each fuelling. 
  • The brake pads have long life and can be easily exchanged. 
  • The whells can be removed without removing the safety guard.
  • The rear axle is mounted with devided bearing brackets, which makes it much faster to remove if necessary.


The kart has been constructed in a way that enables the driver to challenge his own limits

Collision with competitors or barriers is no problem for the strong and flexible karts.

The range of models is covering all age groups, sizes of editions and speeds.    This makes DINO a total supplier for racing centres.

DINO has since start of production of rental karts delivered more than 15.000 karts to racing centres worldwide.


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