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Video from the production of DINO rental karts

DINO karts have been produced in Denmark since 1958. When Noergaard Teknik aquired DINO in 2009, the production, assembly and warehousing was moved to Noergaard Tekniks facilities in Auning, Denmark.


Indoor Karting World Championship in Denmark

This summer The World Championship in indoor karting 2013 will be held in Race Hall in Aarhus, Denmark. It will be a great event, that is going on from the 21.-26. of July, where participants from all over the world will be competing in Dino karts.


New features on DINO rental karts

The latest versions of the DINO rental karts is built to give your customers - the drivers - an exceptional driving experience, and to give your karting center the lowest possible total cost of ownership of your karts.


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