DINO have been procucing gokarts for more than 50 years and have won several national - and international championships including the European- and world championship. We have a full range of products, covering all racing classes.

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Kz Nikolaj Zuera 490

DINO's 1050 mm chassis is available in different variations with either 30/32 mm or pure 32 mm tube diameter. The 1050 mm wheelbase can be adjusted. All 1050 karts are delivered with selfadjustable disc brakes, either rearwheel brakes, 4-wheel brakes or rearwheel brake together with manual operated frontwheel brake.

Read more about the DINO 1050 karts for KZ / KZ2, Rotax DD2, and Multiple Junior/Senior classes under CIK, Rotax, Rox, X30 or other systems.

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